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Two Saltie Sandwiches

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Took two trips to Saltie this weekend.  Their menu includes sandwiches, pastries, ice cream, and fresh teas.

Scuttlebutt yesterday. Captain’s Daughter this morning.

I had hibuscus tea with the Scuttlebutt.  It was nice, bright, and a little tannic.  The sandwich — like many of their sandwiches — is served on oily (I mean that in a good way), crispy, salty foccaccia.  The menu says that Scuttlebutt has h.b. eggs, cauliflower, pickles, feta, black olives, capers and pepper aioli.  I dont recall there actually being cauliflower, pickles, or black olives, but I basically wolfed it down.  Of note, the egg was just barely hard-boiled so it was really creamy and it had a perfect complement in the aioli.  The sandwich also had shaved scallions and radishes, fresh mint, and fresh dill.

And the Captain’s daughter — my favorite.  Has sardines, pickled egg, capers, and the same salsa verde described above.  Amazing.


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June 6, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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  1. Awesome. And the Scuttlebutt is #7 on the NYMag list. 2 down, 99 to go…


    June 6, 2010 at 6:46 pm

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