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Two Saltie Sandwiches

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Took two trips to Saltie this weekend.  Their menu includes sandwiches, pastries, ice cream, and fresh teas.

Scuttlebutt yesterday. Captain’s Daughter this morning.

I had hibuscus tea with the Scuttlebutt.  It was nice, bright, and a little tannic.  The sandwich — like many of their sandwiches — is served on oily (I mean that in a good way), crispy, salty foccaccia.  The menu says that Scuttlebutt has h.b. eggs, cauliflower, pickles, feta, black olives, capers and pepper aioli.  I dont recall there actually being cauliflower, pickles, or black olives, but I basically wolfed it down.  Of note, the egg was just barely hard-boiled so it was really creamy and it had a perfect complement in the aioli.  The sandwich also had shaved scallions and radishes, fresh mint, and fresh dill.

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June 6, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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San Francisco (August 2009)

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tartine2San Francisco is a food mecca.  I live in New York and am generally convinced that New York offers a mix of range and quality of food equal to or better than any place in the world.  But San Francisco gives New York a run for its money, to say the least.  We made two whirlwind weekend visits to California in late August and early September and tried to pack in as many good meals as possible while we were in San Francisco proper.  To the left is a morning bun from Tartine, which was probably the best morning bun I’ve ever eaten.  There was a line of people waiting, but it was well worth the effort.  This was not the only treat from Tartine: we also got a vegetarian croque monsieur (with fresh tomatoes) and some fantastic bread pudding with fresh berries.  We ordered it all to go, but were so eager to eat that we just took the first available table and went to town.

Before Tartine, however, our first stop in the city was at Tacqueria Cancun, where we ordered a carne asade super burrito and a pork burrito mojado (enchilada style).  I had been skeptical about the quality of the so-called “mission burrito” — being something of a burrito snob from Arizona — but these burritos blew me away.  They were amazing.  The next night we tried another spot called El Farolito, which was good but not as good.  Anyway, for a selection of other highlights from San Fran, continue after the jump.

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September 22, 2009 at 5:03 pm