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Toronto, for the Very First Time

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Here comes the second post from my brain.  A few of us went to Toronto last weekend for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the Toronto Island Festival, featuring Pavement, Broken Social Scene, Band of Horses, Beach House, and Timber Timbre (whom we missed).  It was a great show.  And, much to my satisfaction, it also featured an impressive display of clouds and an astonishing, screen-saver worthy sunset (see photo).  We also ate like animals there, but since I have no photos of the food, I’ve included a photo of the sunset.  Ah, pretty…

So, I’ll do a quick rundown of the (spectacular) eating we did, but want to start with what was, for me, the clear highlight and the food that calls for a return to Toronto very, very soon.  That is the boneless chicken roti from Caribbean Roti Palace, which was featured in a post by jayrhu (our Toronto expert) last year.  Oh-my-fucking-god it was good.  Just looking at the pictures makes me all antsy.  The place clearly gets respect from the locals.

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June 23, 2010 at 9:24 pm

Keralan Cuisine (Allepey, India)

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kerala1While in India in February 2009, we took a trip down South to Kerala (the “Hawaii of India”) for some rest and relaxation and to sleep on a houseboat in the famed backwaters.  It was much calmer than the rest of India and more beautiful (especially as the sun set over the backwaters), although the bugs were pretty nasty at night.

Kerala is known for its spicy seafood, so we were naturally excited to eat.  And we were not disappointed.  Some of the best food of our entire trip was the “home-cooked” food prepared on the houseboat by the chef who travelled with us.

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May 15, 2009 at 11:42 am

St. Peter’s English Ale

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I’m no kind of beer connoisseur — I enjoy an occasional Budweiser — but I thought St. Peter’s beers called for their own entry in the Trenchermen annals. At Salt Bar, I used to drink St. Peter’s English Ale, which is a light-bodied ale with a jasmine tea flavor that really sets it apart from any other beer I’ve had. It also comes in a beautiful round green-glass bottle and has an attractive label. As a bonus, after you’ve tipped the bottle for a drink and set it down, the bottle fills with large bubbles (that look a bit like dish-soap bubbles) that highlight the great shape and beautiful glass of the bottle.

Today, I tried the Organic English Ale, which is very good, but doesn’t have the jasmine tea finish. It doesn’t come in the large round bottle I admired so much, but it does come in a beautiful oval bottle that is apparently a replica of a bottle from Philadelphia in 1770 (approximately).

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May 10, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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Chinese Food – March 2009 (Flushing, NY)

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dandanInspired by a New York Times article with a fantastic interactive map, we jumped on the 7 train one Sunday in March and trekked out to Flushing to explore the wonders and revisit the glories of regional Chinese cuisine.  Over the course of the morning and afternoon, interrupted by only one stop at a bar for a beer, we ate at 5 different restaurants. We finished the day with some Sichuan-style dan dan noodles (pictured to the left), which have that unforgettable, numbing spice called something like “ma-la,” that leaves a delicious metallic tingling sensation on your lips.

A few of us have visited China and we have all been stunned by the quality and diversity of the food there, which is dramatically different in each region of the country.  This trip was a pleasant reminder of that diversity.  

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May 6, 2009 at 2:54 pm

Black Camel (Yonge, Toronto)

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Black Camel Pulled BBQ Pork SandwichGreat little sandwich shop and cafe: Black Camel. I’ve walked by this place many times and hadn’t stopped in until the smells from inside crossed my path. I thought it was just a coffee shop. Wrong. They make excellent, truly excellent sandwiches. I had the Pulled BBQ Pork Shoulder sandwich with caramelized onions and their own BBQ sauce. The buns are made from some egg-based dough. It went down nicely with a beer. I happened to have a Mill St. (local) brew at home. Great lunch — very reasonably priced. Check out the website.

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December 6, 2008 at 12:52 pm

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