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St. Peter’s English Ale

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I’m no kind of beer connoisseur — I enjoy an occasional Budweiser — but I thought St. Peter’s beers called for their own entry in the Trenchermen annals. At Salt Bar, I used to drink St. Peter’s English Ale, which is a light-bodied ale with a jasmine tea flavor that really sets it apart from any other beer I’ve had. It also comes in a beautiful round green-glass bottle and has an attractive label. As a bonus, after you’ve tipped the bottle for a drink and set it down, the bottle fills with large bubbles (that look a bit like dish-soap bubbles) that highlight the great shape and beautiful glass of the bottle.

Today, I tried the Organic English Ale, which is very good, but doesn’t have the jasmine tea finish. It doesn’t come in the large round bottle I admired so much, but it does come in a beautiful oval bottle that is apparently a replica of a bottle from Philadelphia in 1770 (approximately).

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May 10, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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