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NYMag Sandwich List #80: Torta Ahogada, La Superior

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Just this week, New York Magazine published its list of “The 101 Best Sandwiches in New York.”  Now, seeing as we love lists, food, and New York — the trifecta — this list kind of hit the sweet spot.  I’m sure we’re not alone in our desire to eat our way through the whole list, but we’re gonna go for it and document it.  Inasmuch as we have eaten very few of the sandwiches described, you might say a whole world has opened up before us.

Anyway, let the eating commence!  (And let The Trenchermen blog awaken from its slumber!).  This is the first of what will hopefully be (at least) 101 posts based on this list.  Ambitious and awesome, I know.

Last night, I went to La Superior in Williamsburg and ordered the Torta Ahogada, sandwich #80 on the NYMag list.

I’ve had it before, but it was better than I remembered.  Very spicy, with delicious crispy double-fried pork.  Because it comes in a bowl and is drenched in a very spicy tomato sauce, it’s not a sandwich you can put your hands on.  It’s more of a fork-and-knife affair.  The flavor is incredible and the meat and sauce are both delicious and perfectly complementary.  My one complaint is that the bread gets soggy and becomes more of an obstacle than a salutary addition as it soaks in the sauce.  Nonetheless, it’s a unique sandwich well worth the $9.


Here’s the NYMag description of the sandwich:  Guadalajara’s — and now Williamsburg’s — answer to the French dip, heaped with carnitas and tossed like a giant pork crouton into a bowl of chile-powered tomato sauce.  Eat it with a knife, a fork, a spoon, your hands, or all of the above.  $9

And finishing up…


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