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Fried Dumplings (Chinatown, NYC)

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As I mentioned in my recent post on PB&J, one of the food categories that thrills me endlessly is the dumpling.  I will eat just about anything in dumpling form.  While I certainly appreciate the finer, more delicate manifestations of the form, I also love the dumpling because it’s generally cheap.  Around Chinatown, you’ll find a number of holes-in-the-wall that serve $1 dumplings, or some variation thereof.  Generally, it’s five dumplings or four buns per order.  Not bad for $1.  The problem is the range in quality.

After years of research, I’ve determined that Chinatown’s finest purveyor of the lowest-brow Chinese pork dumpling and bun is “Fried Dumpling” (how many of these spots have the same name?) on Mosco Street, a narrow side street just off of Mott.

The dumplings and buns are filled with the same mash of minced pork and leek, with occasional bits of shredded black mushroom.  The dumpling dough is rubbery and soft, but crisps up nicely when fried.  Because so many dumplings are laid on the griddle at the same time, the crisping is uneven, which adds nice textural variation to the plate of greasy, salty crescent-shaped pockets of goodness.  The buns are softer and thicker than the dumplings, and only the bottom of the bun gets fried, leaving a cushion of pillowy, white dough to absorb the flavors of the stuffing.  This means the buns are less juicy, but equally savory.

The watered-down Sriracha and vinegar sauce that elevate these dumplings from greasy goodness to spicy and salty greatness.

Before . . .

and after!

Buns.  Three showing their pan-friend undersides, and one showings its pillowy top.

One delicious bite at a time.


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July 23, 2010 at 10:35 am

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  1. It turns out that eating these dumplings for lunch gives you knock-out breath in the evening. So, you know, good thing to eat before a date, I guess.


    July 29, 2010 at 2:24 pm

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