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Toronto, for the Very First Time

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Here comes the second post from my brain.  A few of us went to Toronto last weekend for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the Toronto Island Festival, featuring Pavement, Broken Social Scene, Band of Horses, Beach House, and Timber Timbre (whom we missed).  It was a great show.  And, much to my satisfaction, it also featured an impressive display of clouds and an astonishing, screen-saver worthy sunset (see photo).  We also ate like animals there, but since I have no photos of the food, I’ve included a photo of the sunset.  Ah, pretty…

So, I’ll do a quick rundown of the (spectacular) eating we did, but want to start with what was, for me, the clear highlight and the food that calls for a return to Toronto very, very soon.  That is the boneless chicken roti from Caribbean Roti Palace, which was featured in a post by jayrhu (our Toronto expert) last year.  Oh-my-fucking-god it was good.  Just looking at the pictures makes me all antsy.  The place clearly gets respect from the locals.

Other culinary highlights from the weekend include:

— Lunch at Rodney’s Oyster House, which was over the top.  Amazing, fresh oysters.  Some soft-shell crab, some scallops, some fried oysters, some Indian Haida Candy (maple smoked salmon), some solomon gundy (yum!).  It was a treat.  I also got to drink some delicious Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale, Nova Scotia’s finest.  See below.  As they say: “‘Tis a proper thing!”

— A double dose of very solid poutine from Poutini’s House of Poutine on Queen West.  Seriously.

— An extraordinary meaty italian dinner at a restaurant called Trattoria Giancarlo.  I hardly remember it because my brain was shut down and all energy in my body was directed toward the project of shoveling beef carpaccio and ossobucco into my mouth.

— A top notch meal of dim sum, but I can’t remember the name of the restaurant for the life of me.  Felt like it was on the second floor of a building in the financial district, but I can’t be sure.  What was the name?

— Great pastries (croissants, quiche, etc.) from Pain Perdu.  Warrants a post of its own with pictures in the future.

— Sweet street meat.  I had heard a lot of good things about the sausages you can buy on the street in Toronto: grilled, not soaked in nasty dog water; scored for better cooking; bigger and meatier and tastier; and tons of choices of topping.  It was pretty excellent, but next time I’ll do it right and not eat an ambrosial roti beforehand and wait until I’m plastered late at night, when I’m sure the street meat would be it’s own kind of godsend.  Next trip.

— Finally, on our way out of town we swung by Manic Coffee.  Good stuff.

Good work, Toronto.


Written by trencherman

June 23, 2010 at 9:24 pm

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