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NYMag Sandwich List #99: Sesame Pancake With Beef, Vanessa’s Dumplings

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And the final post of the day.  Returning once again to the NYMag sandwich list.  On my way home from the gym, famished from my first post-Toronto run, it occurred to me that Vanessa’s Dumplings was only a few steps away from the 3rd Avenue L-train station.  So I checked it out.

I am a big fan of the filled sesame pancake, having discovered it late one night at my local late night spot, M Noodle Shop (which is, by the way, awesome, open until 6 a.m., and very salty).  M Noodle has a sandwich sesame pancake stuffed with pickled vegetables that just knocks me down every time I eat it.  Something about the combination of the grease from the pancake, the sweet from the sesame, and sour from the pickled vegetables just hits all the spots.  Anyway, back to Vanessa’s…

The sandwich is, as NYMag suggests, a kind of variation on the banh mi.  The roast beef, like the cuts that come in pho in cheap vietnamese restaurants, was very thinly-sliced and marbled with chewy, overcooked fat.  But the meat was tasty and the grease and saltiness of the pancake was cut effectively by the cool, crisp vegetables (pickled cucumbers, carrots, cilantro) stuffed into the sandwich.  I actually preferred this to the last banh mi I had (see post from earlier today).  This is a good option, and super cheap (though you have to wonder how this made it onto the NYMag list and other stellar sandwiches like the meatloaf at Rye or the Sage Egg and Cheese at Five Leaves or any of the sandwiches at Hamilton Deli didn’t make it.  But that’s another conversation for another day).

The anticipation was overwhelming…

And here it is in all its goodness. Probably 6 inches in diameter.

Getting into it and dousing it in sriracha sauce.

Overall, very salty and greasy but satisfying.  And for only a little more than $3, it’s a great deal.


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June 23, 2010 at 9:41 pm

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