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Mexican Hot Dogs (August 2009)

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mexican.hotdogsThis will be a quick post about something we can hopefully elaborate on sometime soon. 

In July, my sister and her kids visited New York from Arizona for about a week.  During that time, I did my best to share with them some of the great food in New York, including a current New York favorite food, the banh mi.  My sister asked, half-seriously, if “Mexican” (or “Sonoran”) hot dogs would be the next big thing in New York.  Then, just over a month later, the New York Times ran an article about “Mexican” hot dogs — entitled “In Praise of the All-American Mexican Hot Dog.”  I was impressed by my sister’s prescience.

A few weeks ago, inspired by the article and my sister, we whipped up our own version of the “Mexican” hot dog on a Sunday evening.  We sliced and grilled the bacon-wrapped dogs, then piled them into a bun “pocket” filled melted cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and refried pinto beans with jalapeno.  After that, we covered them in a fresh mango and papaya salsa and guacamole.  They were really something special.  So good, in fact, that we’re thinking of opening our own food cart.

Maybe Paul, who recently sampled the real deal in Tucson, can comment on the variations between ours and the dogs you get at Ruiz Hot-Dogs.

Here’s the same picture larger:



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