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Korean BBQ (Las Vegas)

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vegas.korean1In Las Vegas for a bachelor party in early August, I was surprised that the food was so good.  We ate most of our meals in the Wynn/Encore complex, which probably had something to do with it.  But, after a weekend of doing what one does in Vegas, two of us had a Sunday afternoon and evening to kill before catching red-eyes back to New York.  Tired of the hyper-oxegynated casino complex, we ventured out onto the streets and decided to get dinner at a Korean restaurant in a shady shopping plaza a few blocks away.  The resrtaurant was called, oddly, “SPORTS WORLD KIMCHI.”   There were silhouettes of athletes all over the front of the building.  Weird.

Inside, however, there was very little of the “sports” theme.  Instead, it was a large space filled with formica tables and plastic chairs, lots of smoke, and crowds of Korean customers.  The meal was actually better — and more expensive — than I expected.  I was worried that I might be left with some gastrointestinal distress on my flight home, but all turned out well.

After the jump, a few more pictures.


All of the confusing side dishes they bring to the table.


Fried little eels.


Beef.  Delicious.


Kimchi tofu and pork.  This was way too much food for two people.


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September 23, 2009 at 12:25 pm

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