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I just want to point out that mango season is in effect.  I picked up a box from Mexico a couple of days ago and have been eating my way through them — not quickly enough though as they’re on the verge of over-ripe.  My preference is for what I’ve grown up knowing as Julie Mangoes.  The Indians I know are crazy about Alphonso variety — the more yellow ones with the flatter seed.  You can get this pulped in tins all-year round.  I picked one up so I’d have it for the off-season…



Box O' Mango










Addendum to original post…
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some tips I forgot to include in that post.  the sum total of my mango wisdom…

I’m not a fan of slicing the two sides of the pit and then scoring and inverting the flesh from the skin (seen it called hedge-hog somewhere).  Nor do I like jsut scaping it out like an artichoke leaf.  A potato peeler works amazingly well.  You can get all the flesh with minimal waste.  Then slice away at the mass and go direct to the flesh remaining on seed.

And, there’s a great way to eat an overripe mango.  My preferred way to eat a mango actually.

1) clean the skin
2) gently press the flesh underneath the skin until the mango is soft
3) bite a pieces of skin the opposite end to where the stem is
4) press the soft pulp out of the hole into your mouth

Its like a juice box.  and, its not messy.  good for on the go.


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