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Trishna (Mumbai, India)

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trishna1In yet another homage to R.W. Apple, one of the inspirations for this site, we went to Trishna (here is the web site) for some seafood while in Mumbai in February.  Trishna was one of the ten restaurants that Apple recommended traveling around the world to experience, in his last article.  It is one of my pet projects to eat in all of those restaurants, though it means I have some serious traveling ahead of me.

So, the food was very good.  Per Apple’s (and the staff’s) recommendation, we had king crab in garlic, butter, and pepper.  We made the mistake of having it brought in the shell, which meant we had to get our hands all over the food to eat it.  (Getting your hands all over your food in India, while necessary sometimes, is not terribly comforting.)  It was so messy we needed bibs.  Messy, but delicious.  The highlight of the meal was the Jumbo Pomfret — a popular white, flaky fish — cooked in the “Hyderabadi Tikka” style, which was very peppery and slightly charred.  It was fantastic.


As we talked about Trishna with locals, our feeling that it was something of a white-walled, cloth-napkinned tourist trap was confirmed.  Mumbaikers all agreed that it was good, but not great, and that the quality of the food had declined.  Everyone we spoke to recommended Ankur instead.  As much as I wanted Trishna to be the fantastic place that Apple remembered and recommended, we tried Ankur and it was much better:  same food, higher quality, fewer tourists, lower prices.  We actually ordered many of the same dishes and they were consistently better, especially the Pomfret Hyderabadi Tikka.  Sadly, we have no pictures from Ankur.


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