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Roti Palace (Toronto)

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In Toronto again.  Had lunch at another of my favorite spots — Roti Palace.  Like South Asian-style roti, Caribbean-style roti (the one I grew up with) is a thin, soft, and doughy skin made from chickpea flower and is usually cooked on a griddle then dusted with ground splitpea.  It resembles a crêpe.  The skin best when served right after making (of course).  Its then filled with various meat and vegetable stews.  I usually get  boneless chicken curry or goat. 

Roti Palace makes their roti skins just prior to serving.  The filling comes out hot.  And, they have a pretty solid scotch bonnet pepper sauce for heat.  It’s pretty amazing. 











Roti Palace


Written by jayrhu

February 13, 2009 at 3:21 pm

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  1. […] Toronto very, very soon.  That is the boneless chicken roti from Caribbean Roti Palace, which was featured in a post by jayrhu (our Toronto expert) last year.  Oh-my-fucking-god it was good.  Just looking at the pictures […]

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