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Tien Thanh (Ossington, Toronto)

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Took a trip to Tien Thanh this afternoon: simple, beautiful meal as always. Sorry the photos are such trash. I had BBQ pork chops and spicy Pho. Not sure whether the latter is a traditional dish, but they use a broth different than the one common to most Pho. The spicy broth is very spicy and aromatic. Thick with chile oil and scented with lemongrass, it has a nice red hue. Of course it comes with rare beef and I like to get tripe in addition to the usual rice noodles.

Crafting bites is a chore but worth the effort. Here is what I’ve found works well (learned from observation, trial-and-error ): lay down some sprouts on the spoon, bruise a piece of fresh Thai basil, load on some noodles, top with meat, fill with broth, and then hit it with lime juice. Eat. Enjoy. I usually spend the first 15 minutes eating this way until I toss it in and just eat from the bowl without discipline. Should say, the pork chops were pretty boss too. The smell of the caramelizing meat as they cook comes through the kitchen. A classic dish — great way to start. Cooked meat done right is hard to beat. Even some bone to gnaw on.

Served hot in winter and cold in summer, this tea — whatever it is — is very refreshing regardless of season. 

Clear Pho

tea cup


Lime, basil, etc


limes, chiles, sprouts, etc


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December 5, 2008 at 5:12 pm

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